Domestic commercial section for Iran


Taromi Trading Office in Iran, in addition to export and import, offers its domestic commercial services to Iranians in the following categories:



1-Category for sugar loaf and sugar

The products produced in the factories for this category are offered in southern Iran for Iranian users for the first time, possessing the operation/health licenses observing international/hygienic standards and principles, under the supervision of Industries & Mines/Standard Offices of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All products of this category are supplied completely mechanized, with no intervention of hand, and in appropriate packaging. These products are:

-sugar loaf broken into pieces and packed in 12 x 900kg. cartons, 27kg. cartons, and 40kg. bags.
-sugar packed in 12 x 900gr. Cartons
-rock candy in 12 x 900gr. Cartons and 24 x 450gr. Cartons

The above packaging and cartons can be changed depending on the type and volume of the order. For further information, please refer to the section for sugar loaf and sugar.


2-Category for hospital supplies

In this category, hospital throwaway/ordinary garments plus complete operation/hospital kits (garments and tools) are supplied by Taromi Trading.

Supplies are:

Guns for operating rooms, shan, garments for patients, coverlets and the related stuff, hospital/operating room throwaway garments, complete operation/hospital throwaway kits in different types, and throwaway gloves.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


3-Category for industrial supplies

Taromi Trading, in this section of its activities, supplies the necessities and requirements of Iranian domestic industries. Some items of this category are:

-Industrial work garments and the related stuff
-Throwaway work garments
-The needed equipment of industries with the cooperation of affiliated companies.