Export from Iran


In its export division, Taromi Trading takes pride in providing the following products for the customers all over the world from Iran and in offering them to the international market. The products which are presented this way, do possess the best quality in accordance with the latest international standards. If you are interested in purchasing or selling these products, please contact us. Categories of the main products of this division are as follows:



1- Category for garlic & pearl garlic

In addition to extraordinary and unique quality and properties with respect to all other similar products all over the world, Iranian garlic also possesses unique and specific fragrance, taste, and properties which have contributed to attracting so many purchasers all over the world considering other similar products.

Supplied products in this category are:

A. Raw garlic with all its skin layers, in different packaging depending on the purchaser’s order is supplied.
B. Pearl garlic which is produced by putting white garlic without the skin layers in a solution of salt, white vinegar and water and is ready for consumption. Kinds of this contain additives like vegetables, olive oil, and pepper and are produced in different packaging depending on the order.
C. Pickled garlic along with its skin layers is put in a solution of salt, vinegar, and caramel. The color of the solution and the garlic are blackish brown. It is supplied in different packaging depending on the purchaser’s order.

These products are supplied in two ways: supplying the raw materials in large packaging, and supplying the produced products in small packaging.


2- Category for date & date syrup

Considering the variety of the products, the types, and the special species of plants in various regions of this country, Iranian date has been favored by purchasers all over the world. Its by-products like “date syrup” (date extract), considering its industrial production technology, has been recently of interest to purchasers.

Improvement of the date packaging for export plus optimum quality of Iranian date, variety and diversity in date varieties, have all met the satisfaction of many foreign purchasers of this product whose supply depends on the order of the existing varieties, and is done in various needed packaging.

Date syrup and date by-products:

Date by-products like date syrup (date extract), honey date, date paste have been recently of interest to purchasers considering their industrial and hygienic production technology. The industrial and hygienic production technology of these products and the uniformity of the analyses of the products have helped increase their consumption in various industries all over the world.

Date syrup:

Date juice is actually its extract which is a blackish brown liquid whose sugar is mostly fructose that plays an important role in absorption and producing energy.

Using the new technology and advanced machinery in producing this product at not so a long time has caused the natural foodstuff producing companies to be interested in using this product in producing their products. Date syrup is produced according to the latest international standards and certificates, in a completely industrial and mechanized method.

It is possible to supply this product with the best quality and the same analyses for industries and consumers all over the world. Supplying this product in large and bulk packaging for consumption of industries, and in small packaging (ready for consumption), and its distribution in the market are all done by Taromi Trading. All distributed packaging are pasteurized and possess the health certificate.

Honey date:

Honey date is like date syrup whose pigments have been refined and filtered, and is mild yellow. Its structure is mostly – like honey – fructose and glucose, and is the same as honey in providing the body with energy and nutrients, and is used in many industries due to its color and ingredients. This product is pasteurized, homogenized, and possesses the health certificate and international certificates.

Date paste:

All parts of the date except its kernel and external cover are supplied mixed, uniform, pasty, and pasteurized. Its density can be changed depending on the order.


3- Category for sugar loaf & its various by-products

The sugar loaf produced in the factories of this group, is broken into pieces, packed in various packaging, and offered to the world markets for the first time. The technology for producing sugar loaves is vacuum melting and cooking. The technology for producing sugar loaves broken into pieces and packed is completely mechanized with no use of hand, possessing international and domestic standards, the related license, health certificate, and all necessary licenses for distribution to international markets. The design and type of packaging can be made separately and uniquely at the request of the purchaser.

This group has also other products like packed sugar, packed rock candy, and sugar loaf to be distributed in various packaging.


4- Category for miscellaneous products

The following products can be ordered and supplied from Iran to the world:

- saffron
- dried vegetables
- salt
- fig
- herbal essences and oil
- Iranian dried and natural herbal plants